EklankuMAX is a service platform that calculates all shopping transactions or makes digital-based payments or websites developed by PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG.

Please read these Terms and Conditions of use carefully before accessing the platform that we provide.

By registering, accessing and / or using EklankuMAX services, the user is deemed to read, understood, understood and agreed to all these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a form of agreement as outlined in a legal agreement between the user and PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG. If the User does not approve one, part or all of the contents of the Terms and Conditions, the user is not permitted to use the Eklanku Maximum service.

A. Definition

Unless otherwise specified, the following terms will have the following meanings in these Terms and Conditions of use:

  1. "Service" is an online service in the form of a web portal / application that can be used to search for stores and / or goods sold by registered sellers including but not limited to information and functions provided in the EklankuMAX Platform.

  2. “Terms and Conditions" is an agreement between User and EklankuMAX which contains regulations governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of EklankuMAX Users.

  3. “Users" are parties that use the EklankuMAX Platform, including but not limited to developers, members or other parties who only visit the EklankuMAX Platform.

  4. “Developer" is a registered User who develops a system that is on the EklankuMAX Platform.

  5. “Members" are registered Users who make transactions and use services on the EklankuMAX Platform.

  6. “Platform" is (a) a web and / or a mobile version of the web that is operated and / or owned by Eklanku; and (b) mobile applications made from time to time by PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG, including iOS and Android.

B. Use And Membership

The User of the Platform and / or the Eklanku Service hereby declares that the User is a capable person and is capable of binding himself in a legal agreement.

Users must comply with all and all guidelines, notices, operating rules and policies and instructions relating to the use of the Service and / or access to the Platform, as well as any amendments, issued by EklankuMAX, from time to time. User membership is divided into the following categories:

  • Developer: Users who are officially registered, to develop the system at EklankuMAX.

  • Members: Users who register officially or registered consciously, to carry out activities on Eklanku Maximum.

Users, this service is available to individuals who are officially registered on the EklankuMAX Platform and are consciously willing to accept their rights and obligations as Developers of EklankuMAX.

  1. In consideration of your use of the Service, you declare that you are 15 (fifteen) years old or more, and not a person who is prohibited from receiving services based on the legal provisions of the Republic of Indonesia or other jurisdictions authorized. EklankuMAX does not allow users under the age of 17 (seventeen) years to access media or content that is considered dangerous. As a protection for underage users from the distribution of illegal and dangerous content, EklankuMAX implements a separate adult verification mechanism, to prevent exposure to indecent and harmful content for children. EklankuMAX receives reports of indecent and dangerous content on the Eklanku Maximum Platform through customercare@eklanku.com. Reported parties who post indecent and dangerous content will receive a warning or other action from EklankuMAX after confirming the report.

    As a User also agree to: (a) provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information about your identity as requested on the registration form available on the Service, including your geographical location and billing address ("Registration Data"), and ( b) always maintain and update Registration Data so that it is always correct, accurate, current and complete. If you provide information that is incorrect, inaccurate, non-current and incomplete, EklankuMAX has the right to suspend or terminate your account and reject any and all that is or will be used on the Service, or any part thereof;

  2. Members will get an user account after completing the Service registration process. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account, and are fully responsible for all activities carried out relating to your password or account. You agree to: (a) immediately notify EklankuMAX of any use without permission for passwords and accounts or for other security violations, and (b) ensure that you exit the account ("Log-out") at the end of each session.

  3. Any personal information you provide in the registration form will be collected in accordance with and for the purposes set out in this Agreement and / or other Provisions set by EklankuMAX.

  4. As a member of the EklankuMAX Platform, you must agree to the procedures that apply.

C. Eklanku Balance
  1. Source, the nominal printed on my Eklanku Balance is the funds transferred by members to the company account and confirmed to be in the PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG account.

  2. Transfers, the process of transferring its Balance between members who are officially provided on the EklankuMAX platform.

  3. Others, PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG has the authority to freeze EklankuMAX Balance approved users find / consider fraud in the transaction and / or violate the Terms and Conditions of EklankuMAX.

D. My Eklanku Bonus
  1. Source, the nominal registered in EklankuMAX Bonus is a bonus given by EklankuMAX from each sale transaction on the product.

  2. Withdrawals, for withdrawals of fellow bank funds will be processed in 1x24 hours working days, while interbank funds withdrawals will be processed within 2x24 hours of working days.

    For withdrawal of funds for the purpose of account numbers outside the BCA, Mandiri and BNI banks if there are additional fees charged to the User.

  3. Transfer, Transfer process This balance can be made between members who are officially registered on the EklankuMAX platform. Where the nominal transferred from this nominal will be received in the form of a balance by the recipient.

  4. Others, PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG has the authority to freeze EklankuMAX User Bonuses, if found / suspected of fraudulent transactions and / or violations of the EklankuMAX Terms and Conditions.

E. Security

This privacy policy is the basis of reference that regulates and protects the use of data and important information of users on the EklankuMAX Platform whether the User provides EklankuMAX or that EklankuMAX collects from Users. Data and information collected when registering, accessing and using EklankuMAX services.

EklankuMAX always strives to protect all information collected so that it is stored safely. We safeguard your personal information by:

  1. Limit access to personal information.

  2. Keep up with the advancements in security technology to prevent unauthorized computer access.

  3. Securely eliminate your personal information when it is no longer used for legal or business purposes.

  4. EklankuMAX uses 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology when processing your financial details. 128-bit SSL encryption takes at least one trillion years to solve, and is a standard in the industry.

Your password is the key to entering your account. Please use an unique combination of numbers, letters and special characters, and don't share your EklankuMAX password with anyone. If you share your password with others, you will be responsible for all actions and consequences taken on behalf of your account. If you lose control of your password, you may lose control of your personal information and other information submitted to EklankuMAX. You can also be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason or if you have a reliable reason that your password has been compromised, you must contact us immediately and change your password. You are reminded to always log off from your account and close the browser when finished using the computer.

Eklanku or service providers may use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies to store information in order to provide you with a better, faster, safer and personal experience when you use the Service and / or access the Platform.

When you visit Eklanku, our company server will automatically save information that your browser is visiting a website.

Cookies are small text files (usually consisting of letters and numbers) that are placed in the browser memory or device when you visit a website or view a message. Cookies allow us to recognize a particular device or browser and help us personalize content that suits your interests faster, and to make our Services and Platform more comfortable and useful for you.

F. Purchase
  1. The buyer must transact through the transaction procedure set by EklankuMAX. The buyer makes a payment using the payment method previously chosen by the Buyer, and then EklankuMAX will forward the funds to the buyer's Balance column on the site / application.

  2. When making product purchases, the Buyer agrees that:

    • The buyer is responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the information / description of the entire product (including but not limited to).

    • In a legally binding contract to buy goods when the user buys a product available on the site / application.

  3. The buyer fully understands and agrees that all consument transactions other than through the Official EklankuMAX Account and / or without the knowledge of EklankuMAX (through private facilities / networks, sending messages, arranging special transactions outside the EklankuMAX site or other efforts) are the responsibility of the Buyer.

  4. EklankuMAX has full authority to refuse payment without making a request in advance.

  5. Refunds from EklankuMAX to buyers can only be done if in certain circumstances.

  6. In the event of a refund process, the refund will be made through the User's EklankuMAX Balance which will increase according to the refund amount.

  7. EklankuMAX is authorized to make decisions on issues of unresolved transactions due to the absence of settlement.

G. EP (Eklanku Point)

Commissions from each sale and / or transaction that occurs on the site / application EklankuMAX are adjusted to the position they have.

  1. In using every feature and / or service of the site / application of EklankuMAX, Users are prohibited from uploading or using any words, comments, images or content that contains elements of sara, discrimination, demeaning or cornering others, vulgar, threatening, or anything other things that can be considered not in accordance with social values and norms. PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG has the right to take the necessary actions for violating these provisions, including the removal of content, moderation, account blocking, and others.

  2. Users hereby understand and agree that misuse of photos / images uploaded by Users is the responsibility of the User personally.

  3. When a User uploads to the site / application of EklankuMAX with content or posts content, the User provides EklankuMAX non-exclusive rights, throughout the world, continuously, irrevocably, royalty-free, sublicensed (through several levels) the right to carry out any and all copyright, publicity, database rights and intellectual property rights that the User has in the content, in any media that is known now or in the future. Furthermore, to be fully permitted by applicable law, you exclude moral rights and promise not to claim those rights to EklankuMAX.

  4. Users guarantee that they do not violate intellectual property rights in uploading User content to the EklankuMAX site / application. Each User hereby is personally responsible for violating intellectual property rights in uploading content on the Eklanku Maximum Platform.

  5. Although we try to offer reliable information, we cannot promise that the catalog will always be accurate and up-to-date, and the User agrees that the User will not ask PT. EKLANKU INDONESIA CEMERLANG to be responsible for inequality in the catalog. Catalogs may include copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights.

H. Compensation

The user agrees to defend and release EklankuMAX, its affiliated company and its directors, commissioners, officials, employees and agents from and against any and all claims, obligations, losses and costs (including legal fees, compensation for damages and reasonable settlement amounts) arising from or relating to or that may arise from the use and / or access of services; violation of a condition in these General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Prohibition of Advertising by users; violation of the rights of any third party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, assets in the form of movable assets or immovable property, privacy rights; and / or any claim in connection with the user's material which causes a loss to a third party. In this case EklankuMAX can also participate in a defense together with the chosen legal counsel.

I. Legal Choices

These General Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Advertising Prohibition and user relations with EklankuMAX are subject to, regulated and compliant under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, and users agree to be bound by the legal jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the event of a dispute in the interpretation and implementation of these General Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Prohibition of Advertising, the parties agree to resolve them by deliberation to reach a consensus.

J. Restriction

By becoming a Service user, you can choose whether you wish to receive information regarding the Service, its use, and other matters relating to the use of your account, while we will send the information on good faith through a notification in the form of email or application notifications or other forms. If you choose not to receive information, you can notify us by contacting our customer service and Users are expected to check this page from time to time to pay attention to any changes, because this is binding on the user.

EklankuMAX has the right to revise guidelines, notices, operating rules, policies and instructions at any time and you are deemed to know and be subject to any of the above changes after notification or publication of such changes on the Platform or notification through other media.

If the User has other things to convey or comments or concerns about the material that appears on the Service please contact our customer service.

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